The aquarium team offers a comprehensive consultancy service available to advise and carry out specific projects involving the creation of aquatic displays. The team has over 25 years experience within the aquatic industry and can offer total flexibility as far as it's input is concerned. It has been responsible since 2003 for the design and ongoing maintenancefor a 500 litre tropical freshwater exhibit located within a wall to the Damien Hirst restaurant 11 The Quay, Ilfracombe. It has also been responsible for the design and maintenance of a temporary coldwater native marine exhibit at the Barnstaple museum. Please feel free to contact via email if any advice is required.

In 2012 the aquarium team have designed, installed, maintained and trained school personnel for a native marine exhibit at the Ilfracombe Junior School. Ã¢â‚¬â€¹This project is ongoing and has been regarded as a huge success by the school. It is an educational, ever changing, living exhibit, providing a fascinating insight into local seashore life for the pupils and staff! Please feel free to contact: