Frequently asked questions....

A collection of local aquatic life. Species from local rivers to those found in estuaries, the coast and around Lundy.

It's really down to the individual. All visitors should allow for at least 30 minutes. Some enthusiasts can be in the exhibits for well over an hour. There is a lot to see and read. There are over 75 aquatic species to observe.

We have small native sharks on display e.g. dogfish (<60cm), bullhuss (<75cm), thornback & painted rays (<75cm). These are all 'aquarium friendly' species. They are proven to live happily in captivity and are breeding. We would not wish to compromise the welfare of other larger native shark species by stocking them and so don't.

Prior to stocking we carefully consider the habitats that we are trying to recreate and the species that are found within those habitats and are also suitable for displaying in captivity. We have a responsibility to ensure that the species held have a decent quality and long life.
We acquire species through a number of means;

Local fishermen
Collections locally
Within the industry
Captive bred at the aquarium

Each species has its own specific requirements both in terms of diet and frequency of feeds. To ensure the quality of life for each species we need to offer near to similar to their natural diets as well as replicate frequency of feeds. The diets consist of dry diets, pellets, shrimps, worms, prawns, fish, crab, shellfish.