Kids are most welcome and catered for throughout the aquarium. We aim to capture their imaginations and engage them in the wonders of the local aquatic world triggering, hopefully, a life-long interest in animals, nature and conservation.

If you are lucky you might be able to come and meet Sally the Starfish!


On entry children are offered free quizzes to provide a fun, educational challenge as they journey through the exhibits.

Points of interest, feeding demonstrations and interactive opportunities are offered by our friendly, experienced fish keeper guides and are aimed to engage the children.

Viewing stools are also offered on admission to toddlers and young children, valued by them and their parents!

Funky Fish Gift Shop

There is a huge selection of good value aquatic themed gifts which make ideal souvenirs for kids to remember their visit.


A varied and delicious selection of hot and cold drinks, luxury, local dairy ice cream, cakes and freshly prepared sandwiches awaits!

Other Facilities

Beyond the cafe outside sun-trap rest area is a pedestrian only space ideal for little ones to let off further steam!

Kids Feedback - from our old comments book at the aquarium, customers now only seem to use trip advisor and so the comments might seem a little out of date, but we still love them!

"I liked the sharks"
Jack 26/03/12

"I liked the ginormous spider crabs"
Mungo 26/03/12

"I liked the blue fish (gurnard)"
Leah 26/03/12

"We all had lots of fun and we loved it."

"I loved the quiz"
Family 15/08/11

"I like that if you've got questions there is always help around"
Bradlee 20/07/11

"I like the fish and crabs."
Aimee 20/07/11

"I love the crabs, they were amazing"
Lana Logan 08/07/12

"Really enjoyed my visit!"
Molly 02/06/10

"I really enjoyed the aquarium seeing all of the fish and other things."
Harry 01/06/10

"I loved it too. My favourite creature was the rays"
Matty 01/06/10

"Very interesting and I enjoyed it very much!"
Harry Mills 01/04/10

"Very cool, fantastic experience!"
Jessie Mills 01/04/10

"Awesome fish!"
Harriet Louise 19/08/09

"Great fish! Amazing! Informative and fun!"
Megan Beth 19/08/09